Public Safety

September 2017
Spring Safety – Electricity Safety Tips

Key safety tips

We use electricity every day so it is easy to take for granted.  This is when electrical accidents can occur.  Follow the safety guidelines below to prevent electrical accidents and stay safe.

  • Water is a conductor.  To avoid electric shock, keep all cords and appliances dry and clear of water or damp areas, both inside and outside.
  • Always have dry hands when touching electrical appliances or sockets.
  • Use residual current devices (RCDs) in the damp areas in your home, such as the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, garage, pools and spas, or when working with electrical equipment outside.  An RCD monitors electric currents flowing along a circuit. If it detects a current being diverted to the earth (such as through a person), it cuts the power off instantly – preventing an electric shock being fatal.
  • Make sure all electric cords are in good condition before using them.  Check for any damaged or exposed wires, fraying or cracked or broken power sockets or plug tops.  Replace any damaged leads correctly or have them professionally repaired.
  • Limit the number of appliances plugged into an outlet or extension cord to avoid overloading.  Only use one heater per outlet.
  • Check and replace any outlets where the plug does not fit firmly into the outlet – a loose contact is unsafe.
  • Always supervise appliances when in use.  When not in use, switch them off at the wall and unplug.
  • Buy the latest electrical safety products when renovating and rewiring your home.
  • Always employ a licensed electrical worker for electrical repairs, to ensure the work is done to legal safety standards.  Ask to see their practising licence and make sure you receive a Certificate of Compliance for all electrical work done on installations and fittings.  Ask for an Electrical Safety Certificate for repair work done on appliances.
  • When changing fuses or doing electrical work around the house, or it there is an electrical problem, always disconnect the power by turning the main power switch off first.


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